Poll – Did you participate in the protest on Freedom Day? And if not please tell us why…

#ZumaMustfall needs you!


I’ts only 2 days before we take to the streets. To help us make this a success we need ordinary citizens like yo to lend a hand. our organization consists of ordinary people just like you, who decided that we are not going to stand around and do nothing waiting for someone else to rescue us and that we need to be part of the solution instead of just complaining.

In a few short months much has been achieved but it is not nearly enough. This is but the beginning. And we need your help. Yes you!

We need volunteers to be our foot soldiers. We need people who will help spread the word, put up our posters and hand out our fliers. We also need people who will help marshal at the event in Cape Town on Wednesday.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join us and together we can do this.

You can email us at info@zumamustfall.org to find out how you can join our efforts and help us out.

South Africa we need you.




Johannesburg march details

The Johannesburg event takes place outside the steps of the provincial legislature on Rissik Street between Helen Joseph and Albertina Sisulu streets from 10am.

“This an inclusive event open to all and will be a space for South Africans to come together and make their voices heard through protest‚ theatre‚ music‚ and poetry‚” according to a statement on Friday by the coalition.

It is calling for people throughout the country to make as much noise as they can – “bang pots in your streets with your neighbours‚ hoot‚ blow whistles or vuvzelas”.

The coalition believes the president should go primarily for his violation of the Constitution‚ but also for many other reasons.